Jason Sullivan is an award winning photographer known for his vivid scenery and nature photography from around the world. Born in Melbourne (Australia), Jason has spent more than 25 years photographing the world’s unique wildlife and scenery, as well as interesting travel destinations and urban landscapes that include many diverse cities and architecture.

He has spent many years living in Canada capturing images across North America, South America and Europe from the stark landscapes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, lush rainforests of Costa Rica and Brazil, underwater sights of the Caribbean, to the historical architecture of Europe and Cuba.

Jason offers his clients a fully custom made product, from initial concept through image capture, processing, printing and preparation of the final artwork. His fine art photography prints and canvases are printed and assembled by hand to create the final artwork ready for display.

In addition to his photographic artwork, Jason also provides a successful line of wedding, family and commercial photography services through his Jason Sullivan Photography business.

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